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National Salt and Sugar Reduction Initiative (NSSRI): Sugar Reduction Targets for the Food and Beverage Industry

April 2, 2021

(NSSRI) is a coalition of 100+ organizations and health authorities, convened by the NYC Health Department, that has called on the food industry to lower the sugar in packaged products by meeting voluntary sugar reduction targets.

Improving the food supply requires a coordinated effort by a wide range of stakeholders from the private sector, advocates, researchers, and government. This webinar will describe the role local governments and nongovernmental organizations can play in advocating for improvements of the food supply and provide an overview of the NSSRI.

Public health leaders and nutrition professionals have the opportunity to demonstrate support for sugar reduction targets and pave the way for increased federal action to support a healthy food environment for all.


  • Andrea Sharkey, MPH, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • Erin Dowling, MPH, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Education Benefits

Participants of this webinar will receive 1 CEU for live attendance. The webinar provides information on the following:

SNEB Nutrition Educator Competencies

  • 5.4. Describe the history and current roles of governmental and nongovernmental organizations that develop and implement nutrition education programs and related health promotion or food security activities.
  • 5.5. Describe ways to collaborate with community members and other professionals to create communities and settings in which healthy food options are easy, affordable, and desired and unhealthy foods are less prominent and less desired.
  • 6.4. Describe ways to collaborate with other stakeholders to promote policies supporting systems that produce healthy food.

CDR Performance Indicators

  • 12.1.1 Promotes nutrition programs and resources to address issues of food security, nutritional health and overall health and wellness.
  • 12.1.3 Collaborates with community partners and stakeholders in promoting nutritional health and disease prevention.
  • 12.2.3 Identifies individual, public/private organization and government roles and responsibilities within public health and health care systems.
  • 12.3.5 Takes into consideration public health policies and standards related to food and nutrition.

CDR Learning Need Codes

  • 4040 Disease prevention, health promotion
  • 4080 Government-funded Food & Nutrition Programs


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