Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior

Public Policy Plenary: Farm to School –What’s In It for You?

July 21, 2014

Public Policy Plenary: Farm to School –What’s In It for You?


Speakers: Katrina Wiest, Bend LaPine Schools Nutrition Services;

Molly McCargar, BS, Pearmine Farms; Michelle Markesteyn

Ratcliffe, PhD, Farm to School Program Coordinator, Oregon

Department of Agriculture

Moderator: Sarah Colby, PhD, RD, University of Tennessee

This session will provide participants with an overview

of the Farm to School Programs from a variety of perspectives.

Hear from speakers ranging from a policy maker who

has been instrumental in promoting – and funding - farm to

school, to a state health and agriculture leader who coordinates

farm to school efforts statewide; a school wellness

coordinator instrumental in expanding farm to school, to a

farmer who gets food, fun and education to school children

every day. The panel will discuss their different, but connected,

experiences with the farm to school programs and the

importance of farm to school for kids, farmers and the community

at large.

Organized by the SNEB Advisory Committee of

Public Policy

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